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      Great Gifts for Gadget Guys & Girls

      Walnut Book Light | Map Gift Shop

      We all love a new gadget right?  and whilst this collection isn't exclusively for the harder to buy for guys in your life....I'm sure there are a lot of women (of a certain age) who enjoyed a game or 2 of Subbuteo too!  It has been curated for the tricky recipients who perhaps don't realise they definitely need one of these in their lives!

      1. Led Analogue Clock £120.00 2. Halo Speaker £64.50 3.  Giant Angle Poise Floor lamp  £150.00 4,  Tech Kit £9.95 5.  Click Message Clock £89.95 6.  Bird Corkscrew £22.50 7. Coolest Guy on the Conference Call Socks £10.50 8. Flip Click Clock Cherry £45.00 9.  Subbuteo Bottle Opener £18.95 10.  Walnut Booklight Mini £35.00 Walnut Book Light Maxi £65.00 

      Jewellery Collection

      Love Compass by Christin Ranger | Map Gift Shop

      La Belle Epoque - Quirky and Extraordinary Decorations & Gifts

      La Belle Epoque - Quirky and Extraordinary Decorations & Gifts

      A collection of Christmas Decorations and Gifts  "La Belle Epoque" -  dated from the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914.  The period was named retrospectively when it became considered to have been a "Golden Age" when the arts flourished. Many masterpieces of literature, music, theatre and visual art gained recognition during this period.  A time of 'joie de vivre' before the horrors of World War 1 enfolded.

      1. Panther Necklace £31.50 2. Panther Earrings £39.00 3. Leopard Print Glass Bauble Christmas Decoration £4.50  4. Seated Tiger Resin Decoration £9.95 5.  Bumble Bee Glass Decoration £5.95 6.Tiger Resin Decoration £9.95 7.  Antique Gold Feather Burst Mirror £41.95  8.  Zebra Glass Decoration £5.95 9.  Green Velvet Monkey Cushion £21.95 10. Hummingbird Cushion  £34.95 11. Tall Green Leaf Glass Vase  £34.95 12.  Ambra Nera Roll On Perfume by Ortigia £16.95 13. Antique Gold Palm Leaf Table Lamp £225 14.  Ambra Nera Soap by Ortigia £6.95 15.  Ambra Nera Perfume by Ortigia £44.95 16.  Antique Gold Palm Leaf Floor Lamp £350 17.  Gold Bar Trolley £240 18.  Leopard Print Carafe & Glass £13.95 19.  Fan Print Carafe & Glass £13.95 20. Disc Green Glass Daisy Vase £21.95

      From Funk to Funky Gifts for Music Lovers

      From Funk to Funky Gifts for Music Lovers

      We have sourced a special collection of gifts for Music Lovers.  These fabulous framed prints by artist Indie Prints, a London based artist with a clear passion for his surroundings and culture. Influenced by retro rock posters, typography and wall art.His work has a vintage feel to it combining individual band’s styles with typography, and creates stunning visuals for songs, and their perceived meaning.

      The quirky ceramics and cushions by ArtWow have been a phenomenal hit already don't let them sellout if you'd like to get your hands on them! Designs are by Helen Green, (a British portrait, fashion and lifestyle illustrator who frequently turns her hand to fresh, exciting portrayals her musical icons) & Sabi Koz, illustrator and artist who also happens to live in North London - we just love George Michael.